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Gene Knutson

“I was very impressed by Hannah the first time I met her during the selection process for the vacant at-large position. In less than a year, Hannah has done a great job as a new council member. She asks tough questions and treats everybody with respect as we tackle the issues that face Bellingham. She also showed that she really wants to earn a council seat, by not taking the easy way. She is putting herself out there running in an open seat rather than running in the at-large position we appointed her to. Hannah is an up-and-coming rising star, and I really enjoy working with her. Bellingham needs her to remain on the council.”

James Erb

"Hannah is an outstanding Councilmember who cares deeply about our community. She constantly works to move us forward on the many different issues that we face. We are fortunate to have her voice on the City Council."

Jason Bourne - Bourne Engineering, PLLC

"Hannah is balanced, reasonable, humble, loving and intelligent. What else needs to be said."

Kate Larocque

"Hannah is not only the voice of the people in our community that can't have a voice, I believe that she is the voice for what many of us want Bellingham to be! She is balance. She is a bridge!! She finds the common points and ideas that connect us all and moves our community forward!!!"

Michael T. Kleps

"Councilperson Stone is a consummate contributor to our community."

Karen Steen

"Hannah's service on Bellingham City Council shows she is working effectively for the common good of us all. Her inclusive, thoughtful deliberative style is an invaluable contribution to the City Council. Hannah demonstrates the temperament and skill set most needed for solutions based governance that serves to unify Bellingham. A vote for Hannah is a vote for inclusive progress for Bellingham."


Brad Jones

"Vote for Hannah Stone! This week, I watched Hannah help bring together a group of community members with opposing views on a controversial topic. Through Hannah’s leadership she was able to get everyone to collaborate and start working toward a common goal that will benefit Bellingham tremendously. Hannah’s experience as an immigration attorney, provide her with the skills to bring people together and find creative solutions to complex problems. Hannah is calm, a great listener, incredibly authentic, and has the right temperament for the City Council. We need to keep her on the Bellingham City Council!"

Dave Heuser

"She is smart, funny, loves our kids and our neighborhoods. She wants what's right for the right reasons.

I especially like when you talk to her, she gives you her full attention. She also laughs at my jokes.

She isn't perfect and doesn't try to be. What she does try to be is the best person she can be for this great city of Bellingham. She deserves your vote! Hannah Stone people!!! Do the right thing."


Whatcom Democratic Women's Club


"I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone, and then you get a great mosaic at the end." 

- Alice Paul

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